Expecto Patronum!

Expecto Patronum!

January 13, 2019 0 By Tanmoy Mitra

I never knew that the idea of the vile, soulless creatures described in the books actually came to being from personal experiences of this famous author, whose ‘rags to riches’ story is stuff of fairy tales, literally!

I also had no idea till a few days back that the character of the tall old gentleman with flowing white beard, whose character can be safely adjudged as the epitome of goodness, is based upon a former headmaster of the author. And interestingly, as revealed by the author to a packed Carnegie Hall at New York, the character of that old gentleman had always been ‘thought as a gay’ by its creator.

If you have already guessed the author’s name, welcome to the club of muggles enchanted by the wizarding world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter. If you haven’t delved into Potter’s world yet, please do. With dementors all around us, all of us need a healthy dose of patronus.

J.K.Rowling, the celebrated author of the Harry Potter series, had conjured up the story idea during a delayed train trip from Manchester to London. She started writing as soon as she reached home and continued to do so in the midst of abject adversities such as a failed marriage, death of her mother and being jobless with a dependent child. She went through clinical depression and even thought about suicide. Dementors (a combination of the words tormentor and dement), the evil life sucking creatures present in the Harry Potter series, is a reflection of her harrowing state of mind those days.

However, braving everything, Rowling kept on writing and finished her first manuscript Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. Then came twelve continuous morale-buster rejections by different publishing houses.

But the daughter of the chairman of the publishing house Bloomsbury liked the first chapter of the manuscript so much that Bloomsbury decided to publish it. The rest as they say is history. After seven bestselling books and eight movies, Harry Potter is now a global brand worth estimated US$15 billion.

From being a beneficiary of state welfare schemes, J.K.Rowling became one of the richest authors in the world earning approximately 100 million dollars annually.

She also donated much of her income to charity immersing in the spirit of the lines spoken by Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”