About Me

Being an inquisitive guy, I have always been interested in tidbits about everything. From politics to sports, cinema to books, I am always in a lookout for small bits of information, may not be relevant or important enough, but good fodder for my personal collection of trivia.

So, I decided to start this blog about a daily trivia about any topic close to my heart. I hope that I will be able to make the posts interesting enough.

Folks, this is my first serious attempt at blogging. I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions to carry this forward. You have my word that no fake stories/rumors will be peddled here in the name of genuine information.

As for me, I am an IT professional working in a power utility. An avid fan of Jim Morrison and Kishore Kumar, my favorite genre of fiction/movies/TV is thriller/horror/espionage/dark comedy.

May the force be with me!